Hi. I’m Kati and I’ll be your developer, designer and point of contact.



-Wix & Shopify ecommerce
-Wordpress & WooCommerce
-SEO & page speed optimization
-Responsive mobile optimization
-Landing page design
-Marketing & copywriting
-UI/UX design
-Prototyping and wireframes
-Basic Python and Django frameworks
-Git version control

I started making websites because I enjoy it. I love being creative and pushing my own skills. I’m drawn to it as I need to problem solve and figure out how to make things work. And it's fun; I get into a deep flow state where hours go by without me noticing. ⠀

I’m a self taught web developer specializing in custom WordPress, Shopify and Wix design and development. I have well rounded skills when it comes to working together with a business to take it off the ground. I enjoy playing around with SEO and keywords as well as doing market research. I’ll be able to help business owners understand their core message and what problem they are solving for their clients and customers. ⠀⠀

Ultimately my goal is to make the experience enjoyable for my clients. A huge part of that is being a genuine, nice and trustworthy person. I’m originally from Finland but I’ve lived abroad for most of my life. I spent a long while in the UK after graduating from the University of Southampton and I’ve now lived in Australia for 3 years with my partner and daughter. Australia is the perfect place to enjoy all my favourite things in life; surfing, growing and gardening, walking, camping and exploring. I also enjoy photography, painting and sewing when the mood strikes. ⠀⠀

If anyone ever wants to chat get in touch :)